Enhancing Employee Satisfaction with an HRMS Payroll Solution

Enhancing Employee Satisfaction and Improving HR Efficiency with the right HRMS Payroll Solution

As an HR manager, you know firsthand how valuable time is, especially when it comes to managing payroll and improving employee satisfaction. One way to reduce the administrative burden on your team and improve efficiency is by adopting a payroll solution with an integrated Human resource management system (HRMS) platform. However, you may feel like you don’t have the time to upgrade or switch to a new HRMS system. Fortunately, switching to a payroll HRMS like Ignite doesn’t need to be a hassle and can be a smooth and seamless process.

Challenges when it comes to managing payroll processing

One common challenge HR managers face is working with a legacy payroll system that lacks the flexibility and features needed to efficiently manage payroll and HR tasks. This can make it difficult to generate reports, sync with other platforms, meet the needs of employees who rely on mobile capabilities, access and store data across HR and payroll modules, and process pay runs in multiple countries.

As a result, your HR team may struggle to process payroll quickly, juggle employee requests while supporting and processing payroll, and generate reports that are specific to each non-integrated system. This can lead to delays and reduced reporting accuracy and ultimately affecting your employees’ satisfaction.


How can the right HRMS payroll software help?

To overcome these challenges, consider partnering with a professional payroll provider with an integrated HRMS payroll platform. This will give you a team of experts who can handle all aspects of payroll, including migration of data, integration of multi-country payroll systems, as well as setting up the right processes in place to manage payroll efficiently. Some specific benefits of the right payroll solution include:

Saving time with employee self-service (ESS) functions
Think about how much time your HR team could save if employees were able to handle tasks like checking leave balances, accessing payslips, and updating personal information on a mobile app using employee self-service (ESS) functions.

Not only would ESS functions increase HR efficiency, but they would also boost employee satisfaction. Managers could easily approve timesheets and leave requests, while employees could avoid the hassle of contacting HR for simple tasks like submitting timesheets, claims, and leave requests or accessing payslips and rosters. Additionally, employees would have the opportunity to receive prompt, thorough guidance from HR teams on more complicated and complex requests.

Quicker and easier reporting for better decision-making
Creating reports that combine payroll and HR data can be a time-consuming task without the right payroll solution. For instance, generating a report on employee salary and rewards might involve collecting information from various systems, spreadsheets, databases, or even emails. In contrast, a comprehensive payroll solution handles all regular reporting for you, and allows you to generate ad-hoc reports with ease.

Additionally, storing all HR and payroll data in a single platform with your outsourcing provider helps your team generate reports based on the most current information, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly. This frees up time that they can then use to focus on improving employee satisfaction and other important HR tasks.

Ensuring accurate and efficient processing of multi-country pay runs, improving data accuracy and security, and enhancing payroll compliance
Payroll regulations in the APAC region are complex and constantly changing, making it challenging for even the most experienced HR teams to stay up to date with the regulations of multiple countries. This is made even harder by legacy payroll systems that make it difficult to adjust payroll formulas and data inputs for each country's unique regulations. In this scenario, the benefits of a comprehensive payroll solution are clear.

An overall payroll solution with the right people, systems, and processes minimizes compliance and regulatory risks. This includes having a team of experts who handle payroll compliance for you, as well as using an advanced HRMS software solution that has the capability to easily process multi-country pay runs. By outsourcing payroll to a provider with this level of expertise and technology, you can reduce your exposure to compliance and regulatory risks.

Overall, streamlining payroll processes and providing employees with the right tools and resources, like an integrated HRMS, can improve employee satisfaction, enhance HR efficiency, increase accuracy, and ensure compliance. This can lead to higher retention rates and lower turnover, as well as better overall HR productivity and efficiency.

Seeking a comprehensive, integrated HRMS payroll solution?

If you’re in search of an outsourced payroll partner with a comprehensive, integrated HRMS payroll solution, look no further than BoardRoom. Our Ignite HRMS payroll solution is cloud-based and enhanced by our team of payroll experts.

Our solution combines the right people, systems, and processes to improve HR efficiency, reduce the administrative burden on your team, and empower your employees. Here’s how:

Eliminating the need for multiple payroll systems
Our Ignite payroll solution streamlines all payroll processes into one, easy-to-use platform

Providing unparalleled reporting for better decision-making
With our payroll software, you'll have access to a range of reports that make it easy to analyse data and make informed decisions

Processing accurate multi-country pay runs to ensure compliance
Our all-in-one multi-country payroll HRMS can help you stay up to date with all necessary regulations and requirements, so you can avoid any penalties or fines

Partnering with BoardRoom and using our Ignite HRMS payroll solution is an effective and fast way to improve HR efficiency and reduce the burden on your team.

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