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All the modules you need in one HR solution

Our all-in-one payroll platform delivers everything you need to empower your employees, reduce administrative burden and increase productivity.We help you eliminate the need for multiple payroll systems. With unparalleled reporting capabilities and a true online multi-country payroll processing experience, Ignite is the only software your business needs as you expand in the region.5 core modules for all your needs:
  • Payroll
  • Personnel
  • Leave
  • Attendance
  • Claim
Unlock payroll efficiency with Ignite’s cutting-edge featuresUnlock payroll efficiency with Ignite’s cutting-edge features

Our core HR payroll software features

Our HR features make your life easier. Ignite offers a wealth of benefits to businesses looking for a robust and flexible payroll software.

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Made for Mobility

Ignite helps your company stay connected 24/7 with our intuitive mobile app. Our cloud-based payroll solution provides instant access to payslips, claims and leave application.

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Leave, Claims, Time & Attendance System

Reduce costs, increase visibility, efficiency and transparency with online leave and claims submission, attendance tracking and clocking technologies, shift calendar and staff rostering management system.

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Employee Hub

A self-service HR portal with an intuitive multi-lingual user experience, Ignite automates workflows and reduces payroll administrative burden. A built-in instant notification system keeps your employees up-to-date on the latest happenings in workplace.

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Payroll Processing Management

A complete HR payroll management solution with multi-country statutory support, Ignite automates your entire payroll process and eliminates the need for manual calculation, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Ignite’s reporting capabilities also easily generate in-depth reports that enables better business decision-making.


Handling payroll requires processing vast amounts of personal data relating to your employees. Ignite is OSPAR and PDPA compliant with ISAE 3402 certification. Enjoy peace of mind with maximum data security and protection with our certified ISO 27001 data centres.

True multi-country payroll experience

With a single login, Ignite offers you payroll experience in 10 countries, with multi-lingual support to meet even the most complex payroll requirements.

Experience the ease of use of Ignite’s capabilities

View our demo on how Ignite payroll software modules can help boost efficiency to your HR processing

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Built for local payroll legislation, no matter where you operate

Ignite HRMS system offers true multi-country payroll processing ensuring full statutory compliance with local legislation in 10 countries & regions across Asia. Ignite payroll system negates the need for manual calculation in most cases and can offer immediate real-time submissions across a variety of statutory compliance requirements, helping you to navigate the ever-changing payroll compliance regulations in each of these countries.

Ignite Payroll HRMS System dashboard
  • CPF
  • IR8A, IR8S, IR21, Appendix 8A, 8B
  • Automated labour market survey reports
  • EPF
  • MPF and ORSO
  • Taxation forms including IR56B, E, F, G
  • DAW, Statutory Minimum Wage & Injury Leave
  • SSF & Provident Fund
  • Salary Tax Requirements
  • Payroll Income Tax
  • Annual Payroll Income Tax Filing
  • 2nd Health Insurance
  • Insurance Movement Report (enrolment / surrender / salary adjustment)
  • Social Insurance (including labour insurance, national health insurance and pension
  • Insurance Comparison
  • Insurance Certificate
  • IIT (Individual Income Tax)
  • Individual Income Tax
    • Report of withholding Tax Return for Wage, Salary and other Comparable Income – (TT-11
    • Information of Withholding Tax Return for Wage, Salary and other Comparable Income – ((TT-11(1))
  • Jamsostek
    • Social benefit report (ND-7)
    • Social benefit payment computation sheet (ND-8)
  • Personal Income Tax (PIT)
    • Social Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Unemployment Insurance
  • Trade Union Fees
  • BIR Income Tax
  • SSS Contribution
  • Philhealth Contribution
  • Pag-Ibig Contribution
  • PIT (PND. 1) Regulations and automated deductions
  • Automatic Social Security contribution
  • Full compliance with EPF
  • Compliance with PIT (PND. 1 Kor) – year-end report
  • Automatic social security KOR Tor 20 contribution

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Whatever your size, whatever your HR or payroll needs, we’ve got you covered

Ignite offers customised HRMS solutions tailored to meet your specific payroll requirements as your company expands. See our most popular packages below or contact us for your own personalised proposal.


Payroll & HR Modules

    Save time and increase accuracy with these essential business functions.

  • Guarantee accuracy every pay cycle with automatic Payroll Computations
  • Alleviate administrative burden with E-Payslips and statutory reports
  • Automatic deductions/contributions to local country tax & legislation
  • Fully supported Mobile App
  • Reduce manual payroll processing by having personnel details linked to Tax deductions
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Payroll, HR & Leave Modules

    Increase payroll productivity and drive value for your employees

  • Covers all features in “Essential”
  • Synchronisation of Leave for automatic Payroll calculations
  • Auto-calculated leave entitlements
  • Flexible approval workflow
  • Delivers a holistic view of staffing resources with a leave calendar
  • Employee Portal with push notifications and announcements for greater staff engagement
  • Comprehensive yet flexible support options
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Payroll, HR, Leave, Claims, Time & Attendance Modules

    Increase efficiency and productivity with a true consolidated view of all your offices, regardless of where they are

  • All features in “Essential & Professional”
  • Multi-country payroll processing, across 9 countries
  • Enhanced user experience with multi-lingual services, ESS delivered in 8 languages
  • Seamlessly flow claims to payroll, reducing administrative burden and increasing accuracy
  • Increase efficiency with a single login for multi-country payroll processing
  • Support for flexi-benefit claims
  • Increase visibility and reduce manual calculations with multi-cost centre reporting
  • Supports various clocking technologies
  • Streamline workflows through syncing overtime automatically with payroll
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Why payroll & HR outsourcing services could be the solution for you

Payroll Outsourcing

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll Setup, Management & Reporting

Payroll Setup, Management & Reporting Solution

We offer full-service on-boarding and management of employee data through to setting reporting lines, approval levels, leave types, expense claims and even pre-approvals for travel. Our comprehensive reporting drives productivity and efficiency to improve your current processes.

Local Statutory Compliance and Payroll Management

Local Statutory Compliance and Management

We ensure that you meet your tax obligations by handling the calculation and submission of all statutory taxes, and compliance requirements along with submitting any statutory requirements on behalf of your employees.

Payroll Processing

HR & Payroll Processing Services

From salary disbursements (both in and out of cycle) to managing of employees’ leave and claims, we process every aspect of your payroll, accurately, on-time and across multiple countries and languages with our team of highly experienced professionals.

Additional Payroll Services

Additional Corporate Services

In addition to Payroll Outsourcing, BoardRoom offers a complete suite of business solutions. We have helped companies from start-ups through to multinationals for over 50 years managing their Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Secretarial, Share Registry and Meeting Services and ESG reporting needs.

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Ignite Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is guaranteed to improve productivity and make your life easier. We’ve built it for the future, streamlining payroll efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple payroll systems, providing unparalleled reporting capabilities and true multi-country payroll processing.